As You Know, Vanessa Rousso Came From Duke Where She Studied at Duke as a Duke Student

VanessapittingoutA few weeks ago someone on 2+2 asked the question “Why is Vanessa Rousso always blabbing about game theory?” to which she responded:

As you know I came to poker from Duke, with a game theory background from Duke, in Durham we always used to study poker from a math perspective at Duke, and I will be teaching at the WPT bootcamp the skills I learned at Duke.

So is Vanessa Rousso (seen in photo hanging and pitting out with Tiffany Michelle and Jennicide) saying that she went to Duke?

Wait, we forgot. Where did she go again? We missed it the fourth freakin’ time she said it.

What an annoying chick and the fact that she’s a Dukie makes her even more annoying because we hate Dukies. All Dukies. Pure blind hatred. What, you went to Duke? We hate you.

A Dukie could cure cancer and we’d still hate him. Love what he did, but hate him as a person.

We guess what we’re saying is that we hate Dukies, if that wasn’t clear.

Anyway, below is a great video of Duke grad Vanessa “From Duke” Rousso exhibiting the superb Duke-learned game theory skills she studied at Duke as a student at Duke.

Video of Vanessa Rousso bluffing $5k into a $30k pot on the river.


7 Responses

  1. Kajagugu

    August 2, 2007 12:09 pm, Reply

    Duke makes us Puke?
    Nuke the Duke?
    What is her claim to fame? Almost making the TV table at the Bellagio last year? Has she done anything significant since? Other than talk about game theory at Duke?
    The Dukie Donkey?
    I give up…

  2. blue

    August 2, 2007 3:43 pm, Reply

    Why can’t a “math” player make a public statement saying she is horrble at poker? And what is wrong with that face? Get some bigger glasses or a paper bag.

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