Aubrey O’Day in Playboy Brings You This Weekend’s Poker Link Dumps

Aubrey O'Day was in some all-girl R&B group called Dannity Kane that P-Diddy put together, but then she left because she has perfect natural breasts. Actually we have no idea if that's why because what the fuck do we look like, detectives? If only there was some sort of way that one could enter in someone's name somewhere and a bunch of news and bio related information was then returned to you about said person. The day someone invents such a searching device or portal if you will, that individual will probably be a very rich person. Anyway, O'Day seems like a cool chick if you're into potty mouthed girls with morally casual attitudes, so watch the vid below and view NSFW pics of her here.

:: The Poker Beat had a spirited debate on the newsworthyness of the Russ Hamilton ambush video we did last week. We say if you spend over 20 minutes debating if a piece is newsworthy, then yeah, it's probably newsworthy. [link]

:: is sponsoring the 2009 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship. Rather them spend their money on that than more lame Super Bowl commericals. [link]

:: Poker Stars finds more creative ways to advertise, this time by having "Salty" Joe Hachem, Vanessa Rousso (who went to Duke), and Lorenzo Lamas giving dating tips on the Huffington Post. [link]

:: Mike Matusow sounds like he's ready to go O.J. on Russ Hamilton (go about 6 mins in). [link]

:: Looks like the durrrr challenge is about set to begin. [link]

:: The NHL thinks it's Eh-OK! for their players to be endorsed by dot-net poker sites. [link]

Watch Aubrey ODay Celebrates Her 25th Birthday at Jet Nightclub Las Vegas; talks about being on the cover of Playboy Magazine on


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