Audition in Vegas for Your Chance to Get Stupid Rich On Poker Reality TV Show

Heading to Las Vegas next week to play the 2007 WSOP Main Event in hopes of striking it rich? Great. So what’s your backup plan when you go out on Day 1 because your flopped top set gets the smack down by a nut flush draw or say you’re one of the crazies we inevitably see on the first day who think TPTK is flopping the nuts?

Bdgirlssamira11_2Well, if you’re one of the latter get the hell out of Dodge, you suck, but for everyone else, Bodog is holding an open casting call for all poker players at Planet Ho-llywood/Aladdin, July 5-8, for the second season of “Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker,” which will be nothing like the first season because this time it’s just 12 amateur poker players (no pros or celebs) living in a mansion and going at it in a Big Brother-meets-World Poker Tour competition for a $2 million grand prize, the largest in reality TV history (speaking of Big Brother check out Emily Parr from the British version over at

Yep, as we’ve said before, get on the show and you have a 1 and 12 chance to win a $2 million grand prize, which is about 100 times better than Phil Ivey‘s chance of winning the Main Event and you’re not Phil Ivey, so you have that not going for you.

Here are the details on the auditions:

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
3667 Las Vegas Blvd. South
MEETING ROOM: “Sapphire 2″

Thursday, July 5th: Noon to 5:00pm
Friday, July 6th: Noon to 5:00pm
Saturday, July 7th: Noon to 5:00pm
Sunday, July 8th: Noon to 5:00pm

Bring Photo I.D. (must be 21)

Ok, as quid pro quo for our Bodog huckstering we’re trying to decide on what Bodog Girl we want Calvin to mail us this month. We were thinking Samira (in pic above) but this month’s girl, the ironically named Jamie, has us intrigued, except replace “us intrigued” with “our pants down” and that’s somewhat closer to the truth.

More of Jamie after the jump:



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