Aussie Police Arrest Two Guys, One with Absurd Name, for Jason “Tiny” Potter Robbery

Police Arrest Two for Robbery of Jason Potter at Aussie MillionsU.S. American poker player Jason “Tiny” Potter (at right) may finally get a bit of justice, if not the $30,000 that was picked off him during a late night mugging after the Aussie Millions Poker Championship.

Melbourne police announced this morning that they have charged two men for the armed robbery: 32-year-old Dwayne Johnstone of St Albans and 27-year-old Vhyharn Arumughasamu of Wheeler’s Hill.

Yeh, one of the robbers’ name is Vhyharn Arumughasamu, which sounds like the name you’d come up with if you ate a spoiled can of Alphabet Soup and went with whatever you crapped out the next morning. Or if you closed your eyes and just typed random letters on your keyboard. Like Behajkekah Koelelalenena. Or Haiajeoow Gagwgeoapnnda. Or Jarkko Paasisalo. All names we randomly typed on our keyboard just now. Except the last one. He’s some dude playing the EPT German Open.

For the Victoria Police media release on the arrests, go here.

Thanks to Ted over at Red Bull + Poker for the tip.


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