Australia’s Channel 9 News Thinks They All Look The Same

Phil_ivey_james_blake James_blake_phil_ivey

So we're a little late on this one, but apparently the Aussie's must not see very many darkly skinned people other than the Aborigenese.

How else can this be explained? (as reported by the Daily Telegraph)

"Scouring the Channel 9 affiliated Crown Casino for tennis talent for a story about players staying in the hotel, producers claimed to have collared an interview with American Davis Cup hero James Blake.

Only problem was it was another US sports star, poker champ Phil Ivey, also in town for a major tournament."

Hey look, it's a black guy! Must be James Blake! Or possibly Wesley Snipes!

Seriously do Ivey and Blake even remotely look the same? We look more like James Blake than Phil Ivey.

In somewhat related news, Phil Ivey has a milli riding on the Super Bowl. Listen here.


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