Avoid Check Raised’s Rakeback Tracker —
Unless Of Course You Don’t Mind Having Your Online Poker Accounts Wiped Out


We here at Wicked Chops Poker are committed to staying on top of important issues that could potentially harm our readers.  So we’d like to thank Wicked Chops reader jason for sending us this story and asking us to pass it along, although we didn’t want to, but begging can get you somewhere with us.

According to multiple news sources, poker application developer Check Raised (supposedly unknowingly) created a Rakeback tracking product that:

"…creates a backdoor into users’ computers to covertly store gamblers’ information.

The program silently drops four executable files into the player’s system and uses a rootkit driver to conceal the operation. The tool’s author could then steal log-in information for various online poker websites including Partypoker.com, Empirepoker, Eurobetpoker and Pokernow.

Having gained access, the hacker could then empty the compromised account by playing poker against themselves and losing on purpose."

So if you downloaded this program, probably best you check out checkraised.com’s Web site for instructions on how to get rid of it, and then bombard them with emails (support@checkraised.com) asking how exactly they let that one slip through the cracks, or even worse and potentially fatal, send them MP3’s of Nickelback songs


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