Bar Refaeli Leaked Bikini Photos Bring You Our Top Referrers

Bar Refaeli Leaked Sports Illustrated Bikini Photo

G-d bless Twitter for giving us these leaked photos of Bar Refaeli.

We’re gonna pretend for a second that you actually care who our top referrers are and that you’re not already clicking on the thumbnails below of Bar Refaeli that were leaked by someone at Sports Illustrated via Twitter.

Here are our top referrers so far in August:

Okay, done pretending. Photos below of Israel’s Bar Refaeli in a bikini proving once again she’s the hottest girl in Christendom.

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  1. lust

    August 15, 2009 8:47 pm, Reply

    ‘scuse me . but you have a few grains of sand on your chest. let me get those for you………………….

    ……………. With my tongue.

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