Bar Refaeli Naked Is Good Filler Until Ante Up for Africa Vids Are Ready

We’re not saying that we’d allow someone to pour boiling acid in our eye if that meant we got to fuck Bar Refaeli, but we will say that we’d gladly be three blind eyeballless motherfuckers if that meant we got to fuck Bar Refaeli.

Hmmm. Well, guess we did say it.

Anyway, the above video is Bar Refaeli rolling around naked, which hopefully will tide you over until we get the 150,000 interviews we just did from the Ante Up for Africa red carpet up. Expect Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Sarah Silverman, and let’s just say the interview you’ve all been waiting for with Steve Zolotow.

UPDATE: Someone who hates you, us and all men and women who enjoy looking at hot naked girl rolling around has taken the video down. Try it here while you can. Or in lieu, watch one of Bar rolling around only half naked here.

Video nong bong cua Bar Refaeli
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