Barney Frank to Introduce “Blanket Repeal” of the UIGEA Tomorrow

Barney_frankEarlier today, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) announced that he would hold a press conference tomorrow at 10am ET morning to discuss his proposed legislation to repeal the UIGEA, or what he refers to as “a great mistake.”

“Why anyone thinks it is any of my business why some adult wants to gamble is absolutely beyond me,” said the House Financial Services Committee Chairman. “I spend a lot of my time trying to protect people from other people who are going to treat them unfairly. I have no energy left for protecting people from themselves.”

“This is about freedom,” Frank said today. “I’m not just concerned with poker. What’s next? Mahjong?”

While Mahjong-related crimes and the tile-eyed degenerates who perpetrate it are no laughing matter, we understand the sentiment and applaud his efforts.

According to, Frank “does not plan to actively sell this bill on the Hill after he introduces it; instead, he will wait to see if outside groups can do that for him.”

“I’m going to let the voters do this one,” said Frank.

For a complete analysis of the “long odds” Frank, and all of us, face in repealing the UIGEA, head over to

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Thanks to our favorite poker dealer Jimmy J. for the tip earlier today, which we weren’t able to get to until now because nappy time went extra long today.


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