Becker Bows Out, Sandman Up to Sixty

Tracy Becker, our fifth and final Sweat, has hit the rail after going all-in with pocket tens in middle position and getting called by pocket jacks. The board stayed low and brought Becker’s tournament bid to an end around 45 minutes into play here today. With blinds at 250-500 and antes at 50, Becker said it was time to make a move as the big stacks at the table were beginning to bully.

Everyone here at Wicked Chops Poker congratulates Becker for showing some wicked poker chops over 14 hours of play in the main event this year. Tracy seemed pretty positive about the whole experience and is now looking forward to a day trip with her family to the Grand Canyon before heading back to Connecticut.

For the Sandman fans out there, FOWCP Vaughn Sandman is looking confident and rested as he sits at a table with poker pro Haralabos Voulgaris and last year’s luck box of the WSOP, Aaron Kanter. FOWCP Lacey Jones is supposed to be sitting right across from Vaughn but with her stack at 6k or so, she decided to be a no show today. Probably good for the 4SPT-er,as Lacey can be quite the distraction.

Last we checked with Vaughn, he was stacked at 60k after taking two nice pots where he didn’t have to show his cards.


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