Becker Is Better than Berman

Tracybecker1Our Sweat of the Day, Tracy Becker, is showing some wicked poker chops at the table today, stacked now at 14,225 after being up over 15k before the last break. She’s already outlasted several big name pros such as Lyle Berman, Shawn Sheikhan and Erik Seidel. Tracy has been showing some great tight aggressive play by not getting involved in too many pots and getting nice value for her good hands. We’re now about 20 minutes from the end of the second level.

When asked how she’s been preparing for today’s event, Tracy told us she’s been mixing up between live play at Foxwoods and Atlantic City and online tournaments at, and she’s had two nice cashes online recently. “That’s helped get my mojo going,” she said.

Tracy got into Vegas yesterday afternoon and is joined by her husband, 2 1/2 year old son and niece. She hasn’t been able to chat with her old Foxwoods friend Greg Raymer yet, but she did have the chance to say hello to his wife the other day at the Rio Starbucks.


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