Best of 2011 WSOP Girls on the Rail Friday Night Parting Shot Gallery

We'll be looking for Badih Bounahra's daughter/girlfriend/wife at the November Nine final table.

We’ve had it. Can’t take it any more. Something needs to be done.

Wicked Chops Poker has been taken over by pictures of non-hot girls. In fact, there have been practically no photos of girls on the site for weeks. Like downloading a Nickelback song, believing that 9/11 was an inside job, not knowing how the fuck to use the self check-out at the grocery story and fumbling around like a goofball for 30 minutes while people behind you in line quietly swear to themselves, using a Bluetooth in any situation other than driving you douchebag, getting married before you’re 30, not segregating player funds and then paying dividend payments to shareholders even though you have a $130M short-fall due to payment processing issues, or not watching The Sing-Off or Community on NBC, we find this inexcusable.

So it’s time to remedy that situation and pretty things up a bit.

We’ve combined a long overdue Friday Night Parting Shot post with an even longer overdue 2011 WSOP Girls on the Rail Photo Dump to make a…wait for it…2011 WSOP Girls on the Rail Friday Night Parting Shot Gallery.

Some highlights worth noting:

  • We’ve learned that 49 year-old businessman Badih Bounahra will have a contingent of about 200 friends from Belize (basically the entire population of the country) railing him at the November Nine final table. Among them will likely be one of our top GOTR from the 2011 WSOP who is either Badih’s hot daughter/wife/girlfriend (i.e. The Girl That Chainsaw Tweeted About), pictured above and in our gallery.
  • November Niner Ben Lamb‘s girlfriend (fourth picture top row, on left).
  • Daniel Negreanu‘s now girlfriend, Krisztina Polgar (fourth row, far left).
  • Xuan Liu (fourth row, far east right) providing some Asian flavor for the Greensteins and F-Trains of the world.

Enjoy the gallery and click away. We’ll do our best not let this inexusable lack of hot girlness happen again.

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