Best of the Best: Online Poker Black Friday(TM) Media Round-Up

Too soon? Nope. Let's bring back Candice Swanepoel and the hot girl pics already.

We’ve been tracking the best (and worst) news stories all week covering online poker’s Black FridayTM (mostly on Twitter and on the PoRo Report). Here’s a list of some must-reads.

:: John Stossel has an awesome mustache. He also has one of the best takes we’ve read on the lack of testicular-fortitude demonstrated by ESPN and others regarding the online poker showdown. [link]

:: The Washington Examiner seems to think Black Friday will speed up Federal legislative efforts. [link]

:: And Iowa is still moving forward with regulation as well, or at least studying it. Hey, small victories. [link]

:: Nothing particularly revealing, just a solid, step-by-step history of online poker in the U.S. by the New York Times blog. Rarely do we see mainstream journalism cover our industry so accurately. [link]

:: Greg Raymer kind of gets pwned here, and its a good demonstration on how all of our public reps need to get on message better. [link]

:: Or Raymer and others could just learn a lot by simply reading Bill Rini‘s blog. Dude is killing it. [link]

:: On the other hand, we just don’t get the appeal of the Quad Jacks live stream. Count us in the minority. So much off-information. However, this Chuck Kidd interview they did was solid, solid work. [link]

:: At least some 2+2‘ers have found some humor in all of this. Awesome MS Paint thread. [link]

:: Finally, and unrelatedly, great to see the Beastie Boys making a comeback. [link]

More Candice Swanepoel distractions in the below thumbs and here.

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