Best to Bluff with the Worst Hand

123456Chris “Jesus” Ferguson is one of the best all-around poker players, succeeding at 7-Card Stud, Omaha Hi/Lo and winning the main event at the WSOP in 2000. And while his computer science/A.I. background makes him one of the best on the felt when it comes to math calculations and game theory, Ferguson knows how, and most importantly, knows when to make a bluff. In a recent column in All In Magazine Ferguson discusses what he considers the worst play in poker: betting a medium-weak hand on the river.

It’s an excellent read so be sure to check it out, as well as all the columns on the “Instruction” page at All In.

In summary, Ferguson says why bet/bluff a medium-weak hand on the river because if you’re going to get called by your opponent, it’s almost certain that he has you beaten. If his hand is weaker, he’s going to fold. Thus, the right play with the medium-weak hand on the river is to either check-and-fold or check-and-call.

Put another way, as Ferguson says, “As a general rule you should only bluff with hands that have no chance or almost no chance of winning in a showdown. How else are you going to win the pot with these hands except with a bluff?”

And while a medium-weak hand can be used potentially as a bluff, it’s nature as a hand that can possibly win but may not makes it more valuable as a checking hand than a bluffing hand.

Go try it out.


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