Best Vegas Trip Report Ever (Part II)

Twenty-four hours and 100 browser refreshes on your part ago, Wicked Chops Poker left you wondering when the bedlam would ensue.  The boys had just finished breakfast and were considering multiple bedlam avenues to pursue.   Below, the saga continues. 

Caesars_palace_vegas On Sunday morning, the boys decided to head off to one of their favorite Vegas card rooms.  This room is located in Caesar‚Äôs Palace.  Caesar‚Äôs Palace was built nearly 2,030 years ago by Julius Caesar and remains one of the oldest man-made structures in America today.

On the way to Caesar‚Äôs Palace, a conversation was started regarding the Mexican flyer boys who smack those wallet-sized paper cards and try to hand them to you.  After dismissing the notion that these individuals took Monday, May 1 off (part of the Mexican work boycott day), the entities that comprise Wicked Chops Enterprises wondered, ‚ÄúWhich Mexican invented this whole card smacking thing?‚Äù 

Mexicanflyervegas_2You know, one day many years ago one of the Mexican flyer boys (like at left, with the recently re-branded Treasure Island in the backdrop) with a bit of a nervous tick began smacking the cards and soon noticed that said smacking grabbed the attention of na√Øve passer-byers who would then grab a card only to discover that it was merely an ad for an escort girl.  But then other Mexican flyer boys noticed the increased volume of cards-handed-out by the Original Mexican Flyer Boy (OMFB), and in a true example of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, they all began imitating the OMFB in a sincerely flattering way. 

Now, while they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, is it really?  Or did this copy-catting make the OMFB angry?  In our experience, imitation is usually the sincerest way to piss us off, so we‚Äôd like to wager that that the OMFB was angrier than Santa Anna when he was routed in the Battle of San Jacinto (this is the battle where, essentially, the Alamo was remembered).

When the boys eventually arrived at Caesar‚Äôs Palace, they first marveled yet again at how remarkably well the casino has withstood the tests of time.  Romans must have been archaeological wunderkinds or something.   They just don‚Äôt make things like they used to‚Ķ

The entities that make up Wicked Chops Enterprises then met up with friend Complex Slim and played a lot of poker, but you don’t want to hear that.

After a good 8-9 hour session, an "early" evening was called, as the boys had many a meeting to be had the next day, starting with a morning interview with TJ Cloutier.  Details of the contents of this interview will be saved for later in the week, because this is a trip report, and you want to hear about us getting drunk, cavorting, and all of the crazy hands we played.

And for those details, you will have to wait until our next and final trip report posting‚Ķwhen all of the sordid details will emerge.  We PROMISE all of your waiting will be well worth the waiting you waited… 


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