Beth Shak Dating Kid Rock?

Beth Shak seems to be enjoying life post-divorce.

Beth Shak seems to be enjoying life post-divorce.

FOX411 is reporting that Beth Shak may be dating Kid Rock.

Actually, it sounds like they’re just reporting they hung out, played a little grab ass, and maybe have talked on the phone. If that’s the case we’re “dating” half of the Western seaboard. 

Says the report:

“Kid Rock cozied up to her at an industry event a few weeks ago,” the insider says. “He even grabbed her rear end a few times and got her number, contacting her ever since.”

Beth Shak recently divorced her poker playing husband Dan Shak. In related news, Dan Shak is sitting in the corner of his shower balled up in a fetal position and crying right about now.

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  1. David

    July 26, 2009 6:24 pm, Reply

    I knew maybe she wasn’t happy with Dan because I seen her flirting with Gus Hansen on Poker After Dark’s Ladies Week.

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