Bia and Branca Feres are the Friday Night Parting Shot

Super-friendly-with-each-other synchronized swimmers Bia and Branca have double-handedly destroyed our productivity this week.

The US American Gold Medal BonanzaTM, known otherwise as the 2008 Beijing Olympics, officially began today, and we’re still not sure if super hot Brazilian synchronized swimming twins Bia and Branca Feres will be competing. Some resourceful folks have discovered that their names don’t appear on the official list of Olympic competitors. Others, like us, are too busy making a sport out of finding photos and videos of the two 20-year-olds in various states of nearly naked-ness to care. Check out the fruits of our labor by clicking away below and after the jump.

More photos and video of Bia and Branca here and here.

Bia_branca_feres_13 Bia_branca_feres_1 Bia_branca_feres_10 Bia_branca_feres_11 Bia_branca_feres_12 Bia_branca_feres_14

Bia_branca_feres_2 Bia_branca_feres_3 Bia_branca_feres_4 Bia_branca_feres_5 Bia_branca_feres_6 Bia_branca_feres_7 Bia_branca_feres_8 Bia_branca_feres_9 Bia_branca_feres_1a Bia_branca_feres_1b Bia_branca_feres_1c Bia_branca_feres_1d

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