Big Poker Sunday Freerolls in U.S.

Hop on the Hog Sunday for a shot at $1k.

Hop on the Hog Sunday for a shot at $1k.

Ok, so we’re two years past Why’s-It-Gotta-Be-‘Black’-Friday. And you’re ready to play some Sunday poker for decent prizes. Here are your options today:

  • HogWild Poker: HWP runs a $2k freeroll on the last Sunday of every month, with $1k guarenteed to the winner. The $2k freeroll starts at 9pm ET. There is a “warm-up” freeroll at 6pm ET and a “second chance” at 11pm ET as well. Register and play for the $2k at HWP here
  • Attack Poker: Today (April 28th) Attack has a tournament at 10pm ET where the winner will attend a poker party in Vegas. They place the value of this package around $25k. Playboy models are involved. Learn more about it here.
  • Ace Play: The Stratosphere’s site gives away a Sunday package that includes 2 nights at the hotel, 2 tower passes, 2 ride passes, 2 dinner passes, and 2 tix to Frankie Moreno. Learn more here.
  • Face Up: The site tournament schedule hasn’t been updated since January, but we think they’re still giving away a bunch of small cash prizes. Learn more here.

We think NLOP still has some prizes on Sunday, just can’t find them. Dig around here though. Best shot at quick cash is on HWP here.

Grind away.


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  1. Abel

    November 23, 2015 12:59 am, Reply

    We like to play Taboo. You have to give clues to guess a word but you can’t say any of the given words. Example: Birthday is the word but you can’t give out these clues present, cake, age.

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