Big Screen Flop

Day 2 is off and began with a blockbuster hand.

SammyfeaturedAt the ESPN featured table, Sam Farha went head’s-up against Oliver Hudson (Kate’s bro) on the very first hand. Both flopped boats. But Farha’s was better (Aces over Tens vs. Tens over Aces). Hudson was sent home before he knew what hit ’em.

We spoke to the dealer afterward, and he couldn’t believe it (nor had seen such a quick exit). We don’t know if this is the first time a player has gone out ON HIS FIRST HAND OF THE MAIN EVENT, but we do know it’s the first time it’s happened while ESPN was rolling cameras. Watch for this one when Main Event TV coverage kicks off.

TobyhidingAfter Hudson was sent to the rail, he stopped by good bud Tobey Maguire’s table (130). Maguire isn’t concentrating much on poker playing it appears, as he’s spending most of his time shielding his face from the cameras. As Addict overheard him telling a fellow player at his table, Maguire doesn’t mind being photographed, “…when it’s down to two or three tables, but right now is stupid.” Every top player though faces this constently during a tournament, so why even bother playing if you don’t want pictures taken of you? Maguire is limiting his very respected poker skills by worrying about something he can’t control (or should care about).

In Oliver Hudson’s spot at the featured table now is Daniel Negreanu. Negreanu and Farha should make some interesting TV. What a draw for ESPN.

Also playing today are Dutch Boyd, Phil Gordon, Vince Van Patten (or WPT fame), John Hennigan (about 5 feet away from us), Antonio Esfandiari, David Williams, Amir Vahidi, Men the Master, Young Phan, Chip Reese, Perry Friedman, Phil Hellmuth (supposedly, not here yet), Todd Brunson, Mimi Tran, Evelyn Ng, Katrina Jett, David Chiu, Peter Costa, Chris Moneymaker, and Blaire Rodman (sitting with 4th Streeter Dino at table 156, Von Sandman is conveniently located at 157). Dino has 6k, Sandman has 7,600.



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  1. snake

    July 8, 2005 1:12 pm, Reply

    Pauly Shore?
    But seriously, check out Pauly’s blog at Tao of Poker which has live updates and great insight into what’s happening at the main event.

  2. jamie

    July 8, 2005 1:15 pm, Reply

    thanks for keeping us west coasters updated on dino and von…hopefully they can crank it up and get a shot of those t-shirts on espn!!!

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