Bill Edler Is A Pretty Good Poker Player

Wptlogo_2First off, did the Entities who comprise Wicked Chops Poker lose a war this weekend or something? With all of this poker going on, we’ve barely been away from our laptops. No yachting. No leisurely drives through the wine country. No morning sex with the wives. It’s what we imagine life to be like in China every day.

One person who would probably like that kind of oppressive, stifling lifestyle is China-lovin’ Steve Lipscomb, whose World Poker Tour just crowned a new champion. That, our friends, is what we like to call a helluva "segue."

The new WPT champ is noted all-around-great-guy Bill Edler. "The Great One" or "The American Dream" or whatever everyone calls him (always forget) captured his first WPT crown (to go along with his first bracelet back in June) by taking down the Gulf Coast Championship in Biloxi. For the win, Edler banks $747,615. Edler now is second overall in the Card Player POY standings, trailing only David "The Dragon" Pham*.

Edler defeated David Robbins heads-up for the title. Robbins will bring home $411,185. Hank Sitton finished third ($210,265), John Davidson fourth ($163,540), Tim Frazin fifth ($140,177), and The Notorious POB Tom Franklin sixth ($116,814).

Get full payouts here.

For the story on Edler’s miraculous come back today after being down to just 2k in chips with 17 players remaining, watch Kimberly Lansing‘s video interview with the new WPT champ.

* Not a real dragon.


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