Bill Gates, a Poker Player, Launches OS with Texas Hold’em Game

Icon_vistaultimateBill “Chalengr” Gates, a longtime poker-er and contract bridge player who ironically isn’t 85 years old considering he’s a contract bridge player, has given users of Microsoft’s top dollar version of Windows Vista (that comes inside that hot black box you see in the pic) a non-multiplayer-capable Texas Hold’em Poker game not ironically called Windows Texas Hold’em Poker.

For the skin-diddy (yeh we just said skin-diddy) on Windows Texas Hold’em Poker, read what Paul Thurrott has to say about it, because he knows his shit like Nikki Ziering knows her sole purpose in life is to do photo spreads wearing a bikini.

For a screen shot of what the interface looks like, courtesy of our awesome buddies at (great LAN party last weekend fellas, next time we’ll rock out to Warcraft III and Weird Al til the early morning, unless we have to work the a.m. at Best Buy), after the jump.

Oh, and if you’re curious to know what the difference between a “geek” (i.e. Bill Gates) and “a nerd” (i.e. Bill Gates) is and/or just like watching Denise Pernula on video like we do, check out her segment on the subject over at



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