Bill Gazes Is Not Very Athletic

Finally somebody put this up on YouTube. If you missed last week’s 2007 WSOP Main Event broadcast, then you missed poker pro Bill Gazes‘ epic attempt at kicking a field goal and celebrating joyously afterward. And by "kicking" we mean "not kicking." And by "celebrating joyously afterward" we mean "getting bonked in the head with a football while on the ground in pain."

In semi-related unrelated news, Bill’s ex-wife Kristy Gazes won the Season 6 WPT Ladies Night Event in the looks department and by outlasting her competition at the table, which included Linda Johnson, Pamela Brunson, Mimi Tran, Melissa Hayden and JJ Liu. Watch the WPT’s fantastically cute Kimberly Lansing interview Gazes after the jump.


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