Bill Rini Emails Phil Laak’s Accuser

We’re a couple of days behind here, but Bill Rini has a well-thought-out post concerning the validity of the Phil Laak in Thailand murder-for-hire accusations. Read that here.

Rini then had an email exchange with Tom Grant, the man behind the accusations. Read this for the full exchange, but basically Grant admits that the reason he is going balls out now telling his story is to ruin Laak’s rep since he allegedly tried to have his wife killed. Sounds reasonably enough.

In related news, chicks from Thailand are super hot. So hot that they can make you forget about all of this "murder" stuff. Example 1a is May Pitchanart (below). More pics of her after the jump. Ok with that out of the way, what were we talking about earlier? Oh yeah, girls from Thailand are hot.


Mayxray1_2 May24_2 May92_2

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  1. Asian Sweetheart

    August 9, 2007 8:19 am, Reply

    Hi Guys! I see you noticed one of my favorite hotties, May Pitchanart. You have good taste. If you need more distractions from all of this serious stuff you can check out my blog at That’s where I post updates to photo sets plus other fun stuff.
    Now that I found your blog I’m going to have a look around. See you later!

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