Bill v. Phil: the ‘Worldwide’ Champ takes on the FORMER World Champ

BillvphilpicFORMER World Champion Phil Hellmuth and his arch-ego-nemesis Bill Fillmaff are set to battle it out in what is being billed by as “the greatest competition in the history of everything.”

If you aren’t familiar with Fillmaff, he’s the hilarious Phil Hellmuth parody and one-time, undisputed Worldwide Poker Champion (although it was a year all the players were on strike in a league that doesn’t exist). Apparently, Hellmuth has had enough of Fillmaff’s claims of being the world’s greatest, or at the least, saw the chance to pimp his with this clever promotion.

We first came across this bit of news as well as the must-see official Bill vs. Phil website over at, courtesy of Derek McGuire, who in turn credited Mr. CantHang for the info. Be sure to watch the accompanying video at to see Hellmuth try to lay down some rhymes and Fillmaff do his thing. Funny stuff.

Also, if you haven’t visited Bill Fillmaff’s website and watched some of his classic “Secret System” videos or see his bit on how anyone who wins a tournament with his signature K-Jo owes him 15%, you’re missing out on some good humor

In related Bill v. Phil news, it’s always worth it to see what perpetual Hellmuth hater Paul Phillips has to say on the rivalry. Check out some of Paul’s posts, including this one in which Paul tells how Chad Layne busted Hellmuth at the Rio and the FORMER World Champion went ballistic calling Layne a “motherfucker,” among other things. Classic Hellmuth. Sadly.

In unrelated Bill v. Phil news, the other major heads-up saga between Jeff Sealey and Spek seems to be at a standstill.

UPDATE: Somehow we neglected to include this link of Hellmuth hate over at Paul Phillips’ blog, posted yesterday. Phillips quotes a recent article on Hellmuth that tells how the FORMER World Champ vowed to remain celibate in preparation for the 1989 WSOP, to which Phillips remarks:

Every night he kicked supermodels and their crackers out of his bed so as not to blow his wad before winning the wsop. Try to imagine what it was like for the first woman he did sleep with after that… no, stop, stop, it’s more horrifying than the assworms.

See what others, including Bill Fillmaff himself, had to say about Hellmuth, Fillmaff and assworms.


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  1. Raul

    April 12, 2006 1:43 pm, Reply

    blacky spy.. is that you.. what are you doing on here… i thought i told you no poker nor nothing related to poker… how can i trust you.. we’re about to spend our lives together.. and here you are on a poker site when you told me poker was no longer part of your life.

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