Bloomberg TV: Legalize Internet Poker?

The timing of Barney Frank's bill to oust the UIGEA was well timed. The WSOP is just two weeks away (more on that in a bit), and over 10 million people watched Annie Duke finish second on the Celebrity Apprentice (more on that later today too), so there is way more mainstream attention paid to poker in general now than normal.

On the heels of having Jeffrey Pollack on discussing the general economic enormity of the WSOP, Bloomberg TV ran a feature on why online poker should be legalized.


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  1. JW

    May 13, 2009 10:29 am, Reply

    It has taken several years since the UIGEA was signed and we still have not gotten anywhere. What in the world makes you think we now suddenly will have legalized online gaming? The GOP will surely stall this until the ends of’s politics people…wake up….this is a pipe dream at best…. And good old Harrah’s who wants to support the bill?? Just a few years back they were one of the largest contributors to Bill Frist’s campaign… This whole thing is a total joke….

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