Bluff Poker’s Power 20: WSOP Tops the List; WCP Bottoms It

Got our issue of Bluff Magazine in the mail today and in it is their new Poker's Power 20, a self-described "list of the most important entities and people who make the poker world go round."

The key word in that sentence must be "entities," as the Entities who comprise Wicked Chops Poker cracked the list at #20. Says Bluff:

"As gossip sources like TMZ and Perez Hilton have [become] more and more popular, the minds behind Wicked Chops have seamlessly brought this addictive format to the poker world. Frequently the first to scoop a story and always there to cover the major events in the poker world, WCP's dedication to poker gossip, and hot women, allow the "entities" to crack the Power 20 for the first time."

So while we bring up the rear (if we had a dime for every time…), the World Series of Poker (justifiably) clocks in at #1.

View the full list here or grab it off the news stands.


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  1. Informed

    February 13, 2009 5:20 pm, Reply

    I understand the hate and all, but not including the single best poker news source on this list is laughable. Should Card Player put out a completely fabricated and pointless list such as this, you’d better believe that they’d be able to put their biases aside to at least recognize the competition.
    This is just another example of how this organization continues to hurt the poker industry. Instead of boycotts and competitions which feature cheaters, how about promoting the game to your best abilities.

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