BLUFF Power 20 Podcast with Lance Bradley (Part 1)

The guy in the middle is #1.

The guy in the middle is #1.

This week, BLUFF rolled out its annual Power 20 list of the most influential people in poker.

We think this is the most rock solid P20 they’ve had to date. No glaring Annie Duke or Per Hagen wtfs on this year’s list.

On the latest Wicked Chops Podcast, we have on BLUFF Editor-in-Chief Lance Bradley to discuss each entry, who got snubbed, and who should make the leap onto the list next year.

View the full list with write-ups in various posts on BLUFF here or scan underneath the podcast.

Part II of the podcast will go up tomorrow.

20. Matt Savage

19. Tony G (should be last time on list)

18. John Caldwell

17. Ed Stuchly

16. Geoff Freeman

15. Gary Loveman (should be last time on list)

14. Adam Pliska

13. John Pappas

12. Brian Balsbaugh

11. Tom Breitling

10. A.G. Burnett

9. Brian Mattingly

8. Raymond Lesniak

7. Jeffrey Haas

6. Daniel Negreanu

5. Ty Stewart

4. David Rebuck

3. Norbert Teufelberger

2. Mitch Garber

1. Mark Scheinberg


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Amber Gaming: the platform with a plan.


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