Bob Goodlatte Would’ve Been a Great Representative…During the Wilson Administration

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) would’ve been an awesome legislator…in 1920. 

Ppa_120x240_2And back then, we could give him a pass for not knowing any better.  But just as alcohol prohibition failed, creating enormous law enforcement headaches, Goodlatte’s legislation, if it passes, will do the same. 

Today, the House Judiciary Committee will mark up bill H.R. 4777, the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act.

"I am a big advocate of opening up the Internet to all kinds of legitimate uses," says Goodlatte, who then continued with this gem: "But we don’t want the Internet to become the Wild West of the 21st century."

Uh, we’re about 14 years too late for that one.

Goodlatte continues by saying that Internet gambling leads to "a whole host of ills in society."  The same thing was said before the Government banned alcohol in the 1920s. 

On Goodlatte’s website, he claims that Internet gambling currently, "threaten[s] the ability of states to enact and enforce their own laws." However, as Michael Bolcerek, head of the PPA told us, Goodlatte’s bill has "no funds allocated for enforcement or a laughable amount."

And twice on Goodlatte’s website he states pro-regulate it and tax it facts. First, he says that Internet gambling activities "…suck billions of dollars per year out of the U.S. economy…" And later he says, ‚ÄúGambling on the Internet has become an extremely lucrative business…Numerous studies have charted the explosive growth of this industry, both by the increases in gambling websites available, and via industry revenues. Internet gambling is now estimated to be a $12 billion industry, with approximately $6 billion coming from bettors based in the U.S." Seems like keeping it within our borders and taxing it might be a smarter route, don’t you think, Bob?

The illogic and early 20th century mentality of Goodlatte is remarkable (in a bad way). Visit the PPA today and sign up to help make sure Goodlatte doesn’t get his way.


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  1. Kajagugu

    May 25, 2006 6:49 am, Reply

    BadLatte is a complete idiot. I wonder if this is the platform he ran with to get his elected seat. I wonder how many people will vote for him next time after he tried to pull the plug on their fun and games (of chance). I can’t believe these dumb Virginians have sent him to a sixth term! He should just try to legalize it, tax it (which pays your salary dumbass) and instead of being the scrooge in this story he could be the hero….
    How in the world would this be enforced anyway?

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