Bob Stupak Wants to be Lt. Governor of Nevada

Ok, we’ve been meaning to comment on this for a week. Because it’s fucking creepy.


If you read Card Player as religiously as we do, you’ve seen this ad for Bob Stupak. It’s almost as ubiquitous as the Full Tilt Poker banners. Almost. Actually, the only thing more ubiquitous than Full Tilt Poker banner ads these days is God. Or is that omnipresent? Whatever. Point is, like Savoir Faire, they’re everywhere.

So Bob Stupak, the “colorful” professional poker player, lifetime gambler, former casino owner and WSOP bracelet winner, wants to be Lt. Governor of Nevada. Never mind he has no platform to speak of, or at least one we can find or define. That’s never stopped the Democrats before, has it?

We’d comment more on this, but if we have to look at that banner for another minute, bad things will happen. At least he seems to love America, which is more than we can say about some people.


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