Bodog Ari is a Good Kid

Link to Bodog Ari video here.

QUIZ: 23-year-old online poker wunderkind Bodog Ari, an all around good kid with a promising future in poker, is to Jamie Gold as Little Miss Sunshine‘s Abigail Breslin is to (A) Britney Spears, (B) Paris Hilton, (C) Lindsay Lohan, (D) Dakota Fanning, in a few years, or (E) All of the Above.

After you answer that, stop by Tao of Poker for a video of Erica Schoenberg rockin’ it out in a Cinderalla (the rock band) tee for’s grand poobah John Caldwell. We’re not saying but just saying that Erica would totally dig us if we looked 10 years older than we really are.

UPDATE: Jamie Gold isn’t done laying at the river bank wasting away while staring down into the water at his own reflection. Check out THIS PODCAST with Jamie Gold that accompanied the interview he just did with The New York Times. “Rivetingly painful, yet delightfully absurd, the Jamie Gold podcast is a one-man show of self-love that would make Narcissus blush,” says Wicked Chops Poker.


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