Bodog Bites Back: Billionaire Ayre Wants Raid Investigated

Did the Costa Rican Government over-play its hand against Bodog?

Calvin Ayre thinks so.

Gallery_fullsize_09The Billionaire Bodog founder wants the government of Costa Rica to, "launch an investigation into the violation of his constitutional rights as well as the theft, damage, loss of filming assets and damage to his reputation," according to A.M. Costa Rica.

Allegedly, some ill communication coming from the press, falsifications on the so-called "Internet," and other misunderstandings were the basis for the raid.  Ayre says that, "…the investigation was of the wrong person, the wrong location and the wrong act."  The police and immigration officers on the scene (totaling up to 100) also, allegedly, feasted on food at the compound and in a bizarre yet completely understandable twist (because of evidence A & B at right, for example), three police officers got butt-naked and took a swim in the estate pool. 

Of course, like Sammy "Killer" Reid, Ayre has a horseshoe up his butt.  And the raid will likely make great TV and raise interest in Ayre’s soon-to-be-aired reality show.  Like Rod Stewart once said, "Some guys have all the luck."


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