Bodog Lounge Not Babe-less + Calvin Ayre is Everywhere


When we got these photos of the Bodog Lounge, situated right outside the Rio’s Amazon Room at the WSOP, we were quite surprised. Not a Bodog babe anywhere. What an unexpected sight. Like seeing Keeley Hazell with a shirt on. Or Paris wearing panties, which would be a nice thing every once in a while, but that’s a different story.

When we asked about the bodog-babe-less-ness, Bodog explained that the girls are indeed there every day, from 11am to 7pm, to mingle with guests and hand out Bodog chips for free drinks. The lounge is open to the public, has a rock waterfall, custom circular bar in the middle serving refreshments (alcoholic bevs after 3pm), and laptops to play poker on As far as we know there are no midgets juggling poodles and chihuahuas in the lounge, but little people are encouraged to stop by. Bodog’s also giving away 4 plasma TVs at the end of WSOP and you can enter to win them in the Lounge.

Gallery_thumbs_11_4In totally unrelated Bodog news, it must be said that the three founders of Wicked Chops Poker have a lot in common with the founder of Bodog, Calvin Ayre. All of us have millions of dollars, corporate jets, big yachts, and palatial estates (and yes, we have hearty-sized endowments), but lately Mr. Ayre appears to be outdoing us. Again, it merely “appears” that way. True, he was just on the cover of Forbes magazine’s “Billionaires” issue, but the truth is, we turned it down because it involved “proving” our fortunes. And yes, People magazine put Ayre in its “Hottest Bachelor” issue, but it was only because we were disqualified on a technicality for being “married.” Also we don’t deny that Ayre was interviewed by ABC’s Martin Bashir for a Nightline story, but let it be known that it was a story we declined because we objected to the way Bashir once unfairly characterized Michael Jackson. You gotta have principles folks. You gotta. Finally, we just got word that Forbes is issuing decks of playing cards to all of its new subscribers using Ayre’s image on the face of each card in the deck. Allegedly the world‚Äôs 52 richest people are represented in these decks of cards. The truth though is that this is based purely on Forbes‚Äô 20th annual ranking, and we all know that has no correlation with the fantasy world we live in.

Anyway, pics of Calvin Ayre with Bodog babes to tie this all together somehow, after the jump…



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  1. Bull

    July 11, 2006 12:11 pm, Reply

    There were 2 Bodog Babes at the lounge entrance on July 1. Both had british accents (not Kelly) and were smokin hot. They did not walk into the lounge very often though. The bartender was very friendly and generous with the free booze.

  2. John Merfert

    August 31, 2006 6:11 am, Reply

    I have been playing for about two years and would love to Improve my game and advance my skills to pro level. And was woundering if you could help me do so yes yes everone says play sit and goes and so on and so fourth but, I have learned growing up that with out playing with the best you only achive as much as they play you so could you recommend me to better ways of greating my skill.

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