Posts Betting Odds for LAPC Final Table

The televised final table of the WPT LA Poker Classic gets underway today at 5 p.m. in L.A., and, the site that ships Bodog Girls to our office in Las Vegas every time we write a post about them, has posted odds on who will take the $2,429,970 first place cash.

554616548_lJC Tran (pic of JC’s beemer with license plate “INIIWIN” because why not), who has been the LAPC’s chip leader for the past two days and recently made a WPT final table in January at the WPO in Tunica, is listed as the favorite at 5/2. Tran’s $3,470,000 in chips will give him a razor-thin advantage at the start of the day over his two closest competitors, 2006 WSOP runner-up Paul Wasicka (why God, why did Jamie G. win and not Wasicka?), who is stacked at $3,390,000 and listed at 3/1, and Jacobo Fernandez, who is listed at 7/2 and starts today with $3,370,000 in chips and doesn’t speak a lick of English.

PopperTrailing just behind the leaders at 4/1 is Eric Hershler, who we don’t like based solely on his appearance. Next is David Bach (5/1), who looks like a cross between John Popper (at right) in his donut and fried chicken days and a sweaty Jim Morrison, if that helps paint a picture. Rounding out the top six and still a threat even at the bottom of the count is our favorite Asian, Chau Giang, who Bodog lists at 5/1.

So who are we taking? Our gut tells us Paul Wasicka but our foggy minds say he doesn’t have the requisite aggression needed to go up against the play of JC Tran, who clearly has been the dominating player at this year’s LAPC but has also shown some lapse of judgment in critical hands. Is Bill Edler still in? No? So we can’t pick him. Hold on a sec. Ok the bum here on Main Street in Santa Monica went with David Bach when we told him the final six, so we’re putting our money there. Seriously.

By the way, now is a better time than ever, we suppose, to say that if this final table is anything like what we saw when they were down to 10 last night, it will be at times like watching paint dry and at others, like watching paint dry in the rain. God bless the PokerNews, CardPlayer, PokerWire and others whose jobs require them to stand idly for hours to watch and report on the play. Give them some love.


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