Bodog’s Calvin Ayre to 1st Tech’s Scott Lewis: Let’s Duke It Out for a Million Bucks


On his personal blog, Bodog’s grand poobah Calvin Ayre is challenging 1st Technology’s Scott Lewis to a 3-round MMA-style fight. On the line for Ayre would be a million bucks, and for Lewis, the Bodog domain names his company swiped in a default judgment this past summer.

The challenge is in response to a series of emails Lewis sent to Ayre this week as well as the recent federal court decision upholding 1st Tech’s $49.9 million judgment. The court is also ordering Ayre to appear under oath in the U.S. on November 2 or face an arrest warrant.

While we’re not so much fighters as we are guys who pay other people to do our dirty work while we lounge around lazily on expensive furniture, we kind of like the idea of Ayre and Lewis settling their dispute with their fists, kind of how we liked the idea of Jamie Gold and Crispin Leyser settling their dispute last year with a good ol’ fashion slap fest, because that’s how bitches fight.

All right, read Calvin’s post here.

In marginally related news, there is a new Bodog Girl pictorial. Her name is Pressely, she rides a horse and freakishly looks like a manequin, which is kind of hot in a Kim Cattral 20 years ago kind of way. Some of her pics below. See the rest here.

Photo above courtesy of Bodog Fight. To see more of WCP fave Katie Nault and her sister check out the naked choke hold pictorial here.



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