Bombshell Poker, Why Not…

Costello_profileWith our weekly parting shot, Friday has turned somewhat into a female appreciation day here at Wicked Chops Poker, so let’s give a story from earlier in the week. Its’ just due.

Briefly mentioned on Tuesday in our Evelyn Ng goes to Bodog post, believe it or not, another new online site has launched and…wait wait!!!…don’t go!!!…before you stop reading we promise it’ll be worth your while…wait!!!…waaaiiit!!!…ok…another new online site has launched and this one promises to be the "sexiest" around.

Meet the girls of Bombshell Poker.

A press release from the company claims that, "Bombshell Poker offers an endless supply of ‘models by day, professional poker players by night.’"

Lisa_profileSo please, play Bombshell Poker. Because if Bombshell ends up being a bomb, then these girls may end up being professional- something-elses by night if you catch our drift.

You just couldn’t do that to the Costello twins, could you?

Although with promotions like, "Win-a- Date with a Bombshell" and giving users the ability to "email the girls directly," maybe they’re moving in that direction already.  If Trischelle ends up as a "babe" over the next few months we may just know for sure.

More Bombshell babes at the jump…

Brandy_profile Jasmine_profile Shana_profile

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