Bongkoch Kongmalai Brings You Today’s Not Necessarily Just Poker News

We'd like to bongkoch Ms. Kongmalai, if you catch our drift...

We'd like to bongkoch Ms. Kongmalai, if you catch our drift...

In honor of stealing a land that was rightfully theirs from the Indians, we’re going to give thanks by getting drunk and stuffing our faces this week. Thus, we will be lighter on the posts than usual. When you think about it, it’s the right thing to do, really.

For now though, here are some not just poker links.

:: More clues are surfacing on the murder of PokerListing‘s co-founder Andreas Oscarsson. Pretty effed up. [link]
:: And speaking of murders, another poker player is murdered. RIP Biloxi Mike. [link]
:: Ok this is getting depressing, so here are some hot girls in bikinis. [link]
:: A good breakdown of how the UIGEA came-to-be and what may happen on December 1. [link]
:: Smoking is gay. [link]
:: For the stat dorks, an interesting Google trends 2+2 thread on poker-related terms. [link]
:: Is Isildur1 about to go busto? [link]
:: From Dr. Pauly, dispatches from Costa Rica. [link]
:: Antonio Matias wins the EPT Vilamoura. [link]
:: And finally, the Andy Samberg & um, Reba McIntire SNL Digital Short, “When Two Worlds Collide.” [link]

For more pics of Bongkoch Kongmalai, go here.


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