Bonyadi, Reese, Hansen, Cunningham
Among WPT Bay 101 Shooting Stars Chip Leaders


"Flight A," as the kiddies are calling it, has wrapped at the WPT’s Bay 101 Shooting Star, and Stuart Fahmy is the chip leader with 125,100.

"Flight B" begins today at 11:30 PST.

Bay 101 is unique among major events. 50 "name" pros have a bounty on their head. If you knock out said "name" pro, you receive $5,000.  Also, the chip leader at the end of the day gets an extra 10k added to his stack.

So you see amateurs more apt to take big swings at pros, or call a potential bluff, than you might normally.

Some notable names near the chip lead or still in contention include Farzad Bonyadi (107,600), Chip Reese (68,400), Gus Hansen (65,100), Allen Cunningham (47,500), Chad Brown (42,700), and some guy not sure if you’ve heard of him called Doyle Brunson (30,500).

For full chip counts, check out Poker Wire.


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