Book Preview: Tales from the Tiltboys

Visitors to back in the mid-to-late 90’s first became aware of a group of gonzo gamblers (and Roshambo masters) known as the Tiltboys (Phil Gordon, Rafe Furst, and Perry Friedman to name a few).  Their legend has grown over the years, and now the "who they ares and what they dids" that are ingrained in the fabric of poker lore have found their way to published pulp. 

Tales from the Tiltboys is an Oceans 11-esque romp that makes you want to grab your best friends and hightale it to Vegas for a week of degenerate gambling.  Wicked Chops Poker has a Heads-Up coming up with some of the Tiltboys, and we’ll review the book in full next week.  If you can’t wait that long, then buy the book now.  If you’re not gambling, then it’s the next best way to spend a weekend day.


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