Thank GOD ESPN edits this footage down to an hour.  You are the lucky ones.   

And Matusow wasn’t kidding when he said that, with him gone, the rest of the final table would be very tight.

Kondracki Nearly five hours into this, we’ve only lost two players (Brad Kondracki went out in 8th…that’s him on the right, in case you didn’t know).  It’s pretty much a pre-flop raise and fold fest.  If we’re lucky, we see a flop that’s raised and folded.  If it’s a miracle, we see a showdown.  Given that the remaining field has little to no experience with championship tournament poker, or playing short-handed, expect this trend to continue. 

For more info on who the remaining players are, the official WSOP site posted their bios earlier today

We did find out that they will play down to till there is a winner tonight.  So sometime within the next 47 hours, the 2005 WSOP champion will slip on that gold bracelet.  We promise. 


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