Boris Becker, A Ginger, Joins Team Poker Stars

It’s been pretty well documented that gingers are scary as fuck, have no soul, and will kill you in your sleep if they get the chance.

2borisbeckerbig_468x360So you can only imagine how difficult it will be to sit across from a ginger while at the poker table…his soulless, vacant eyes staring you down and giving you no clue–none–as to the strength of his hand…knowing that if you make the wrong move, he will kill you–dead. Because that’s what gingers do.

And Boris Becker (at right, with girlfriend Sharlely Kersenberg in Ibiza) is banking on your fear of gingers as he enters the poker world. The former tennis champ has signed on with team Poker Stars, joining the likes of Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein, and "Salty" Joe Hachem, all of whom are non-ginger, in a quest to become one of the world’s best rounders.

Says Becker:

"…I want to develop my poker skills and challenge myself to become really competitive at the highest levels in poker."

He continues:

"Plus I figure I have an advantage. First, I’m a ginger, which means I have no soul and can run a stone-cold bluff better than a Roger Federer first serve. And second, I’m German, which means I really enjoy porn involving poo and pee."*

Read more about Becker joining team Poker Stars here.

* Rough translation. Since Becker speaks German and has a heavy accent, we took some liberties (just like how Nazi Germany took some "liberties" away from its citizens in the 1930’s) with his real quote, which was something more like, "When I was still playing professional tennis, I started learning to play poker casually in between games because it helped me to improve my concentration."


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