Brad Garrett Getting Heat for Racial Remarks

Makes-us-wanna-slit-our-throats-open-with-a-rusty-spork-because-he's-somehow-rich-and-famous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is reporting that poker player Brad Garrett made racially insensitive remarks to a paparazzi a couple days ago.

Apparently Perez has never seen Garrett at the WSOP Main Event, where he regularly yells across the Amazon Room for Phil Ivey to go valet his car and takes some jabs at the Jews that aren't fit to print. Point is, that's kind of what he does. He's like a younger, taller, less funny version of Don Rickles.

Anyway, Perez reports:

"Garrett screamed "In English! In English!" to the paps snapping away at the actor!

Before speeding off, Garrett lost verbal control and yelled, "Wear the turban! Wear the turban!"

This isn't Garrett's first bad encounter with a pap either, as he had this run in late last year.

Good for him. If paparazzi have carte blanche to be overly aggressive and get in your face, you should be able to yell at them or punch them with anything you'd like.

Read more here.

In somewhat related but not really at all news, below is a clip from an old Dean Martin Roast with the aforementioned Don Rickles and the Entities' all-time favorite President, (then Gov) Ronald Reagan.


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