Brad Garrett Has to Go to Time-Out

Bradgarrett2Team Bodog celeb player Brad Garrett has been non-stop with the inappropriate…yet…dare we say…hilarious(?) jokes during Day 1B play.

After dropping an "f-bomb," which is the G-rated version of saying "Fuck," similiar to how saying the "n-word" is the G-rated version of saying [deleted], Garrett got a 10-minute time-out.

Then, the fun began.

Garrett stood up and started entertaining the crowd, slinging arrows like his name was Justin Huish.

Some gems, after he accused his table for being anti-semetic for requesting the f-bomb rule to be enforced:

"I can’t believe it. I’m a 46 year-old man and I’m in time-out."

"That’s it I’m leaving. Somebody get Phil Ivey. Tell him to bring my car up."

"Where’s Greg Raymer? He’s gotta have some snacks on him."

"Hey Doyle, tell Todd to go get me a rope."

And then, upon talking to Annie Duke at Jeff Sealey’s brutally tough table, Garrett turns to our very own Snake, shakes his hand, and says, "I loved you in Bon Jovi."

More photos of Garrett unleashing his rant after the jump.



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