Brad Garrett, Jason Alexander, Gavin Smith Talk GOTR Hall of Fame

Watch Girls on the Rail Hall of Fame with Jason Alexander, Brad Garrett and Gavin Smith on

We’re just about a week away from putting our Girls on the Rail Hall of Fame up for vote. We view the first edition of the GOTR HOF kind of like the baseball version…we are looking for the transcendent Girls on the Rail. The Babe Ruth (except hotter and skinnier) or Ty Cobb (except minus the blinding racism) of GOTRs. The ones that either took the poker community by storm or reached out further into mainstream press. The induction will be a combination of your votes and the Entities. But again, more details to come.

In the above vid, Jason Alexander, Brad Garrett (whose girlfriend quickly catapulted herself into the potential nominee and inductee stratosphere), and Gavin Smith weigh-in with their thoughts.

Ass Girl Really Happened
THO Girl
Mt. Fuji
Brad Garrett’s Girlfriend is a Role Model
Angel Girl
Hottest GOTR Ever?


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