Brand New Suckers

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Drumman1smallHigh-stakes poker player Fred Renzey asks over at Casino City Times if the rampant poker craze will breed new gambling addicts. I think the appropriate question is if it will breed new suckers for us, a point which WCP‚Äôs The Addict makes in his recent review of NBC‚Äôs Heads-Up event. I think we‚Äôre all seeing the same thing out there online and in the casinos; the endless all-ins, overcard overplays, gut-shots and back door flushes that the newbie sees on TV, thinks is good play and, yes, occasionally gets lucky with. As Renzey states in his piece and we all must remember after a suck out by a sucker:  

“Over the long haul, you get pretty much just what you deserve based upon the quality of your play. The skilled tactician grinds out a cumulative profit and the carefree gambler pays for it.”


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