Brandi Hawbaker a Beauty Pageant Chick? Go Figure

Brandi_hawbaker2We’ve learned over the past month that beauty pageant contestants represent the absolute best and brightest of today’s women and when we say best and brightest we mean hot, freaky ass chicks who like to bang judges, lip-stick it to Miss Teen USA, become a club slut, get naked in public and simulate sex acts for the camera. And that’s why it should come as no suprise that poker’s surpreme freaky ass chick, Brandi Hawbaker, was likewise a pageant contestant, although not nearly as hot as the aforementioned freaky ass chicks.

Revealing such in an interview with (as well as somewhere on the now so-famous-it’s-infamous 2+2 thread), Hawbaker was asked if there was something about her that would surprise most people, to which she responded, “I was one of the finalists for miss teen Nebraska way back in the day.” And again, while this really doesn’t surprise us, considering what a freaky ass chick Hawbaker is, what does surprise us is how some other chick out freaked Hawbaker to win the pageant. Impressive.

It’s worth noting that in the interview, Hawbaker comes across, un-surprisingly, like a narcissistic, clueless Paris Hilton knock off in talking about herself.

“As bad as this sounds, and I know it sounds bad when celebrities and stuff say this in interviews, but I really don’t feel sexy,” says Hawbaker, who apparently sees herself as a celeb, rather than as a publicity whore. “I just feel like me. I wake up in the morning and I’m just me. I’m in my own skin and I like who I am and I expect that other people like me.”

Brandi_hawbaker3She continues, “Everybody who meets me (like this random guy in the pic to the left) likes me. Sometimes I’m a little goofy and I can be annoying or something. But, there’s not very many people that I’ve ever met that honestly hate me or dislike me. I’ve always make friends easily.”

Interestingly enough, “Dr. Drew” Pinsky of Loveline did a study on celebrity narcissism and had this to say: “Narcissists generally crave attention, are overconfident of their abilities, lack empathy and can evince erratic behavior. However, they are also well-liked, especially on first meeting, are extroverted and perform well in public.”

Pretty much Hawbaker, to a T, if you read the interview.

For more on Hawbaker, including her crush on Carlos Mortensen, bungee jumping naked and making moves on Allen Goehring, read the entire interview here.

For NSFW (topless) pics of Hawbaker being the freaky ass chick she is, go to the NWP forum here.

For a summary of the latest Brandi-driven rumor involving Neverwin from Neverwin Poker and Chantel McNulty ripping off Mark Newhouse (Newhizzle), go here.

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