“Brandi Hawbaker” Getting Her Freak On Over at NeverwinPoker Forum

Nwpbrandi4a_1Flame tosser, ex-beauty pageant-er, amateur poker player Brandi Hawbaker, who it’s worth noting is about a 6.9 in the looks department (for the lack of a better number), an absolute perfect 10 in the nipples that you could cut glass with/hang your coat on department and off the freakin’ charts in the freaky ass chicks department (which is what makes her most bangable, to us), may or may not be posting lasciviously graphic comments over at the NeverwinPoker forum about wanting to porno-ficate like an ecstasy-soused banshee with none other than Brian “King of All Degenerates” Micon.

Yes, that Brian Micon.

Whether or not it is actually Brandi (Witteles says so and Neverwin vouches), we don’t know/care, and if it is, whether or not it’s just her/them getting her/their rocks off, we don’t know/care. Regardless, it’s some entertaining reading, at times, and as a bonus, offers some new NSFW pics of Brandi, if you’re digging her.

To get started, begin with the first “Brandi” post down at the bottom of this page, and proceed from there.

Thanks to Kid “Pornster” Dynamite for the tip.


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