Brandi Hawbaker Is Single

Brandihawbakerwsop2So right after getting POB’d by Captain Tom and in between being "mentored" by David Sklansky and converting to Judaism, Brandi Hawbaker was apparently dating 2+2 poster Brandon "pimprexel."

Unamazingly, pimprexel’s relationship with Brandi went bad. Like, really, really bad. Like steal $40k in property and belongings while spewing it all at Commerce Casino while breaking your heart bad.

In this 2+2 post, pimprexel tells a story unfortunately told all too often: that of a dude who gets to bang a totally hot girl and because she’s so hot and the sex is so good, the dude overlooks some red flags that the girl might be fucking crazy.

Pimprexel painstakingly admits he "made a mistake" by falling for Brandi and allowing her to explain away stuff like this:

"When I met Brandi, I was a pitboss in a casino in Vegas. While working one day, something told me to enter her name into a data base that casinos centrally use to collaborate information on cheats, barred patrons, prostitutes etc. I entered her name in hoping nothing would come back. Even expecting the worse, I was still shocked at with was displayed on the screen. Not only had she been barred from several casinos for loitering, bad checks, she had also been 86’d (casinos term for barred) for prostitution. Upon further examination, I found out she had been arrested several times in Las Vegas Casinos for soliciting undercover officers."

That’s right, prostitution!

Pimprexel then took Brandi in, let her live with him, loaned her money ($5k at a time), but eventually broke up with her when she got too out of control. That’s when the whole robbing his place blind occurred.

So that’s the bad news. The good news is that Brandi is single, hot, and probably the best sex you’ll ever have. Shouldn’t someone be throwing a parade? Sure, after a few months with her you’ll end up a shell of the man you were before, but that’s what all girls do to dudes. At least you know what you’re getting into with her. Or as poster "soccertease" on the Neverwin forum so aptly put it: "Something about this just makes her that much hotter."

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