Brandi Hawbaker Looking Like She Feels at 2007 WSOP

Brandisyrup3_2Our favorite narcissistic, freaky ass, dick-on-the-back, hot-enough-to-bang, ex-pageant poker playing chick Brandi Hawbaker was feeling and looking like crap yesterday at the 2007 World Series of Poker. Apparently she’s suffering from a soar throat with strep like symptoms and disappeared for a few hours yesterday during the tournament to rest up.

Completely unrelated we hear that girls who contract chlamydia and gonorrhea through lots of oral sex with creepy old men have strep-like symptoms.

When we saw Hawbaker, it was late and she was seated next to Mimi Tran and was downing some prescribed red cough syrup like a champ. We didn’t stay long as our penises felt unsafe but we heard that Hawbaker was soon after eliminated, telling Teddy “Iceman” Monroe to go fuck himself after he knocked her out.

After the jump, more photos of Brandi looking and feeling like crap yesterday.



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