Brandon Cantu Finally Got Tasered

About 27 years ago Clonie Gowen and Brandon Cantu made a prop bet where the loser was to get tasered. Brandon Cantu lost. He finally got tasered.

The omni-present poker party crowd was on hand (Jeff Madsen, Layne Flack, etc.). Hats off to Cantu for going through with the tasering, but let’s just say if Layne Flack’s teeth are “proud” of what you’re doing, you’re probably not doing the right thing.

Final note, was that Robin Leach with more hair and Kevin Smith in the background?

Thanks to pokerati for the find.


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  1. s l

    November 23, 2009 6:42 am, Reply

    Cantu,seebs,madison and the leader phil are a bunch of fucking morons UB brain washed them to look like idiots. oh i mean FLACK.

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