Brandon Cantu Knows How to Vent

Ok, we realize we’re a couple of days off on this one, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not post-worthy.

During the 2012 WSOP Europe Mixed Max event, Brandon Cantu lost an epic (did Epic Poker forever ruin the use of that word in poker?) heads-up battle against Jon Aguiar. This would’ve marked Cantu’s third “modern era” bracelet, an impressive feat.

There was some controversy around the event. Cantu claims he was owning Aguiar heads-up, but as the match ran on to 5 in the a.m., WSOP officials called it a night. ¬†Aguiar then requested a full day off, and WSOP officials agreed (presumably to avoid any other conflict with him, given this summer’s Twittergate episode). Cantu wasn’t happy about this, and dramabomb ensued.

Poker News caught up with Cantu to get his opinion about the episode on camera. And Cantu went off.

Now…people are giving Cantu a lot of shit for this interview. However, isn’t it nice to see someone with a freaking emotional opinion for a change? Agree or disagree with him, but poker could use some more personality in the game. So well done, Brandon, ya crazy bastard.


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  1. Todd Vandale

    October 9, 2012 7:50 pm, Reply

    so let me get this straight, You post this overblown lame video, like 12 days late. But I send you a video of a totally new dramatic poker series, asking you numerous times to please feature it as did. I get ignored.
    well played.

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